Why I'm buying the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and maybe you should, too

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If you person a recent-vintage iPhone oregon don't request each the bells and whistles, you mightiness privation to clasp off. Here's why.


The caller iPhone 13 Pro lineup.

Image: Apple

Along with pumpkin spice everything and the instrumentality of football, it's practically September contented that Apple introduces caller iPhones. And truthful it is again successful 2021, with a full slew of caller phones: the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

I person a 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max, and I'm getting acceptable to flip it speech (well, oregon commercialized it successful astatine least) for the caller iPhone 13 Pro Max for 1 precise bully reason: caller cameras.

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In my time occupation arsenic a car journalist, I'm perpetually utilizing my iPhone camera for photos and videos. I don't adjacent transportation my large DSLR camera anymore—my iPhone has replaced each my different cameras. And due to the fact that the caller iPhone 13 Pro has a full clump of caller camera tricks, it's a must-have for me. 

The Pro supports Telephoto Night Mode, Night Mode Portraits, and, astir interestingly, Macro Photography connected the ultra-wide Pro camera. It tin absorption astatine 2cm, and macro photos and videos are supported (including dilatory question and time-lapse).

Basically, due to the fact that I privation the implicit champion photos and videos (and I'm consenting to wage for it!), I'll beryllium going for the caller iPhone 13 Pro Max conscionable similar I person for the caller iPhone each twelvemonth going backmost to the OG iPhone successful 2007.

But should you get the caller iPhone? That's a precise idiosyncratic choice, and a hard 1 to make. Here are my thoughts and my proposal to you for a mates of antithetic scenarios.

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If you are the benignant of idiosyncratic who buys the Pro level iPhone but isn't obsessed with having the latest and greatest:

  • If you person the iPhone 12 Pro, support it for different year.
  • If you person an iPhone 11 Pro oregon older, it's astir apt worthy the upgrade.

If you person a regular iPhone and don't request each the fancy Pro features:

  • If you person an iPhone 11 oregon 12, conscionable support it for different year.
  • If you person a telephone older than the iPhone 11, it's astir apt worthy an upgrade.

If you indispensable person the latest and top nary substance what (like me):

  • You already cognize what you're going to do, and iPhone preorders commencement this Friday.

Apple is emphasizing the low-light capabilities of the caller iPhone 13 Pro camera, including sharing this stunning astrophotography photograph arsenic portion of its selling package.

Image: Apple

The biggest updates implicit the past 2 iPhone cycles person been 5G, camera updates, and, this year, a caller 120Hz surface connected the Pro phones. 5G is cool, but it's not a game-changer (yet), and we'll person to hold and spot connected the caller surface until the reviews are out.

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The camera updates are important if you instrumentality pictures a batch and truly privation the champion prime possible. But iPhones person had profoundly awesome photographic abilities for years. I cognize radical with five-year-old iPhones that are inactive taking photos that they're thrilled with, adjacent though they don't person nighttime mode oregon telephoto lenses oregon immoderate of the newfangled software-powered photograph modes.

Phones and cameras person some gotten a batch amended successful the past fewer years, and a fig of carriers are offering fantastic deals erstwhile upgrading this cycle.

If your telephone is much than 3 years old, it's worthy the upgrade. And if you privation the champion camera possible, it's besides worthy the upgrade. Other than that, this mightiness beryllium a twelvemonth to beryllium retired the iPhone upgrade rhythm and bargain a caller iPad instead.

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