What Console Annoyances Still Need A Fix?

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Console developers are capable to update modern hardware done firmware updates, adding caller features and fixing different idiosyncratic problems. This past week, some Nintendo and Sony released firmware updates that resolved assorted idiosyncratic issues for each console. 

The Nintendo Switch received a firmware update that enabled Bluetooth connectivity for the four-year-old system, truthful you tin yet usage your Apple AirPods with the Switch. Better precocious than never. 

Meanwhile, Sony's caller PlayStation 5 update offers a assortment of quality-of-life changes. For example, your strategy room present intelligibly distinguishes betwixt PlayStation 5 and 4 versions of the aforesaid game. You tin present customize the Control Center menu. And, possibly astir importantly, the update enables interior retention expansion, meaning PS5 owners tin instal their ain SSD into the console arsenic a mode to grow the system's interior storage. 

These are each invited changes, but nary console is ever 100 percent perfect. For example, I'd personally emotion for my PlayStation and Switch to automatically log maine successful each clip I crook them on. My Xbox does that, truthful wherefore can't my different systems? Also, I don't admit however Sony changed however you crook disconnected the console betwixt the PS4 and PS5. I privation determination were a mode to customize however you crook disconnected each console, truthful you could take if you privation to clasp down the location fastener oregon if you'd similar to execute a antithetic enactment to crook disconnected your system. 

What astir you? What different firmware updates would you similar to see? How would you marque your favourite console better? 

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