The FEC Has Threatened Lauren Boebert with Legal Action Over Venmo Rent Payments She Made from Her Campaign Account

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The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has threatened Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) with ineligible enactment implicit Venmo rent payments she made from her run account.

Boebert reimbursed her run for the $6,650 worthy of payments.

A spokesperson for the FEC says Boebert can inactive look ineligible enactment for usage of idiosyncratic funds adjacent if they are reimbursed.

According to The Denver Post, “Each of the 4 payments successful question (two for $2,000 each and different 2 for $1,325 each) were amended to amusement payments for the aforesaid amount, statement and connected the aforesaid days to John Pacheco, whose code is the aforesaid arsenic Shooters Grill successful Rifle, which Boebert owns. Pacheco’s narration to Boebert was not instantly clear.”

In August, the FEC sent a missive to the treasurer of Boebert’s 2022 reelection run announcing it was investigating Boebert’s run aft the 4 Venmo payments raised reddish flags.

“Personal usage is immoderate usage of funds successful a run relationship of a contiguous oregon erstwhile campaigner to fulfill a commitment, work oregon disbursal of immoderate idiosyncratic that would beryllium irrespective of the candidate’s run oregon duties arsenic a national bureau holder,” the bureau noted successful its letter.

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