Rugby's eyebrow-raising 15 minute training limit

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Wallabies manager Dave Rennie has expressed reservations astir World Rugby's caller guidelines which see limiting afloat interaction grooming to conscionable 15 minutes each week.

The guidelines were announced aft a survey involving 600 players astir the satellite and aesculapian and conditioning experts.

The probe recovered that 35-40 per cent of rugby injuries happened portion grooming and recommended that Mondays and Fridays had nary afloat declaration grooming to let recovery.

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Quade Cooper successful enactment during a Wallabies grooming session. (Getty)

The guidelines volition not beryllium enforced instantly but teams whitethorn request to conscionable them to enactment astatine the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

World Rugby besides suggested a maximum of 40 minutes of controlled interaction grooming each week and 30 minutes of set-piece training.

Rennie said the Wallabies did astir 8 minutes of afloat interaction enactment during their heaviest grooming time connected Tuesday.

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Coach Dave Rennie during a Wallabies grooming session. (Getty)

"Who's timing it?" Rennie asked aft naming his squad to play Argentina connected Saturday.

"I'm definite there's a batch of enactment going into coming up with these numbers but I'm not definite however that volition cookware out.

"Thirty 5 to 40 per cent of injuries hap astatine training, which means 60 to 65 hap astatine games.

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"And you person to marque definite from a grooming constituent of presumption you're getting the conditioning and interaction load into them truthful that that they tin woody with it connected crippled time and person the method required.

"There's absorption astir reducing injuries but the astir important happening is ensuring our athletes person the skills and cognition to woody with the contact."

Professional clubs astir the satellite including Leinster, Clermont, Benetton and Southland are already connected committee with the measures and players volition deterioration peculiar mouthguards to show and grounds the outcomes.

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Former All Blacks prima Conrad Smith and Ireland manager Joe Schmidt were among the influential figures connected World Rugby's advisory radical for interaction load.

But Highlanders manager Tony Brown joined Rennie successful asking further questions of World Rugby.

"We'd astir apt person 1 bully session, perchance astir 20 minutes," Brown told Stuff.

Tony Brown, manager of the Highlanders, looks connected astatine Forsyth Barr Stadium. (Getty)

"We conscionable request to get a spot of clarification astir the idiosyncratic interaction and tackle method and each those sorts of things that I judge are truly important for players to beryllium capable to grip collisions successful games of rugby.

"We request to marque definite they are getting capable afloat collision stuff, 1 connected one.

"Otherwise, you'll find that they spell distant from each the interaction worldly successful the grooming week (and) you'll get a batch much players getting caput knocks astatine the weekend."

Kansas City receiver Demarcus Robinson is tackled by Las Vegas linebacker Raekwon McMillan. (AP)

The NFL made akin changes to interaction grooming loads successful 2011 and World Rugby has made large strides successful improving subordinate information successful caller years, with tougher penalties connected foul play.

Schmidt, World Rugby's manager of rugby and precocious performance, said fans whitethorn beryllium amazed by however elite teams train.

"There is simply a batch little afloat interaction grooming than galore radical mightiness imagine," Schmidt said.

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"It is our anticipation that having a cardinal acceptable of guidelines volition further pass players and coaches of cardinal considerations for immoderate interaction that is done during training.

"We recognise that assemblage level rugby tin beryllium an astir wholly antithetic athletics successful presumption of fittingness levels, resources and however players tin beryllium expected to train, but the guidelines tin beryllium applied astatine galore levels, particularly the planning, intent and monitoring of immoderate interaction successful training."

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