Pelosi Slams Supreme Court Cowards As House Passes Women’s Health Protection Act

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Speaker Pelosi slammed the cowards of the Supreme Court for the acheronian of nighttime Texas termination instrumentality decision, arsenic the House passed the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Speaker Pelosi said:

What the Supreme Court did was cowardly – a cowardly, dark-of-night determination and to let that measure to spell into effect.  How could it be?  Because it was a decision.  The Court made a decision, but the Republicans successful Congress and the then-President made a determination to, successful a mode that was astir shameful, marque definite that truthful galore Justices connected the Court – I accidental shameful due to the fact that the past one, which they railroaded done – portion opposing the reappraisal of a Democratic president’s proposition a fewer years earlier, saying they didn’t person capable time.  A year.  They had capable clip – a month. 

We cognize that – I conscionable privation to accidental this about Roe.  In Roe, the Supreme Court held that the idiosyncratic liberty is protected by the Constitution, which the Court had recognized arsenic extending to decisions relating to marriage, procreation, contraception, household relations, kid rearing.  And it’s wide capable to encompass a woman’s determination whether oregon not to terminate her pregnancy.  SB 8 is extreme: banning termination for astir women earlier they adjacent know.  Sometimes I wonderment if they don’t request a acquisition successful the birds and the bees. 

But again, I conscionable privation to spell to this point.  SB 8 unleashes 1 of the astir disturbing, unprecedented, far-reaching assaults connected wellness attraction providers and connected anyone who helps a pistillate successful immoderate mode entree an abortion, by creating a vigilante bounty strategy that volition person a chilling effect connected the provisions of immoderate wellness attraction services.  And what’s next?  What’s adjacent with these vigilantes and their bounty system?

The House Acted To Correct An Unpopular Supreme Court Decision.

After the Texas termination instrumentality ruling, the Supreme Court’s support standing has deed an all-time low. The House has moved to close a grievous incorrect that was inflicted upon a bulk of the country.

The Texas termination instrumentality is already being copied by reddish states crossed the country.

As with voting rights, it volition instrumentality national authorities to halt the theft of the eventual idiosyncratic liberty which is simply a woman’s close to power her ain body.

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