Pelosi Busts Mitch McConnell With His Own Words On The Debt Ceiling And Default

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Speaker Pelosi took nary prisoners arsenic she utilized Mitch McConnell’s ain words connected the indebtedness ceiling and default against him.

Pelosi Uses McConnell Own Words To Nail His Debt Ceiling Hypocrisy


Pelosi uses Mitch McConnell's ain words against him connected the indebtedness ceiling, " When Trump was president, they didn't privation to propulsion a wrench, a wrench, unnecessary wrench into the cogwheel of our occupation growth. Today he's threatening to bash conscionable that. "

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 23, 2021

Speaker Pelosi said astatine her play property conference:

It could — it would outgo 6 cardinal jobs, hitch retired $15 trillion successful household wealth. Nearly doubling the unemployment rate to 9% and summation borrowing costs for all Americans. It would beryllium a catastrophe, and that’s — don’t instrumentality it from me. Let maine punctuation Mitch McConnell when this came up during the Donald Trump years. Mitch McConnell said the following. He said overmuch McConnell stated that not supporting a indebtedness limit suspension — this is what he said. 

Assures that legislature volition not throw this benignant of unnecessary wrench into the cogwheel of our job growth and thriving economy. When Trump was president, they didn’t privation to propulsion a wrench, a wrench, unnecessary wrench into the cogwheel of our occupation growth. Today he’s threatening to do just that. We are to halt holding the debt and the system hostage. 

McConnell’s Game Of Chicken With The Economy Will Not End Well For Republicans

Republicans ne'er triumph these fights. McConnell thinks that helium tin marque Democrats rise the indebtedness ceiling connected their ain truthful that helium and Senate Republicans tin tally connected 2022 against Democratic spending, but Democrats aren’t playing along.

They are calling McConnell’s bluff and letting him instrumentality the blasted if helium triggers a caller recession.

Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, and President Biden are giving Mitch McConnell capable enactment to bent himself with, and truthful acold the Senate Majority Leader is showing that helium had learned thing from his failed acquisition erstwhile helium tried this with President Obama successful 2011.

Democrats don’t negociate with terrorists.

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