NYC, Wuhan and Albuquerque win smart city awards

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The Smart City Expo World Congress recognized cities utilizing exertion to code clime change, net entree and lodging challenges.

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Although immoderate authorities leaders deed the intermission fastener connected astute metropolis projects during COVID-19, determination was inactive plentifulness of innovative enactment going connected astir the globe. The Smart City Expo World Congress recognized 33 cities, individuals and projects for making communities astir the satellite much livable, sustainable and economically viable.

There are 9 grant categories that screen everything from metropolis leaders to mobility and safety:

  • City
  • Leadership
  • Innovation Recovery
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Energy and Environment 
  • Mobility
  • Governance and Economy
  • Living and Inclusion
  • Safety and Security

Here's a look astatine 4 of the projects that utilized exertion to amended information and connectivity. 

NYC Internet Master Plan

This task is simply a $157 cardinal concern successful closing the integer divide. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced successful October a program to scope up to 1.6 cardinal New Yorkers successful the adjacent 36 months and physique publically owned, open-access broadband infrastructure. The City besides has designated large and tiny companies to supply fast, reliable and affordable connectivity options to an further 70,000 residents successful nationalist lodging and 150,000 residents successful the surrounding communities by aboriginal 2022.

Wuhan's revitalization aft COVID-19

Wuhan City was 1 of the archetypal places to aviator astute metropolis exertion successful China, arsenic good arsenic the archetypal epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that clip and since, the metropolis has utilized the wide exertion of large information quality successful municipality governance and promotes economical betterment aft the pandemic. The city's Wet Market Upgrade task addressed the interaction of the pandemic connected nationalist spaces similar farmer's markets. To marque residents consciousness safer utilizing the markets, the facilities were retrofitted to amended discarded absorption and ventilation, and to digitize the weighing of caller nutrient and allowing root tracing.

Smart postulation solutions successful Valdosta, GA

In 2020, the metropolis utilized a Georgia Smart Communities Challenge assistance to trial a astute postulation absorption strategy that connected each 128 of the city's postulation lights. The thought was to amended safety, connectivity and ratio for exigency responders and mundane drivers. The metropolis installed an Emergency Vehicle Signal Preemption strategy connected occurrence trucks to springiness the vehicles precedence erstwhile responding to a fire. The city's TravelSafely app notifies users of upcoming awesome changes and approaching exigency vehicles.

Modernizing h2o infrastructure successful Albuquerque

The metropolis worked with Cisco to amended wide cognition of its h2o infrastructure and fortify cybersecurity defenses arsenic well. The h2o authorization utilized Cisco concern ethernet switches and switching platforms to link h2o sensors passim its infrastructure. The authorization besides installed a Cisco Industrial Security Appliance 3000 for precocious menace protection. Finally, Cisco Cyber Vision to marque it easier to negociate and show programmable logic controllers, quality instrumentality interfaces and different OT components of the system.

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