How to configure Google Workspace for a vacation

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Change settings successful Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Chat to bespeak that you're connected a holiday.

Palm histrion   emoji adjacent  to the connection     Vacation, with arrows pointing to drawn icons for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Chat

Illustration: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

Before you instrumentality a interruption from work, configure 3 Google Workspace apps for abrogation (or, connected holiday, arsenic they accidental successful immoderate parts of the world). You person a fewer choices to marque successful Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Chat, depending connected however you privation each app to grip incoming events, email and messages portion you're away.

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To hole each of these apps for your absence, marque definite you're signed successful with your Google Workspace enactment account, past travel the steps below. You whitethorn docket a Google Calendar out-of-office lawsuit and configure your Gmail abrogation responder astatine immoderate time. However, I suggest you hold to set your Google Chat presumption to vacationing arsenic 1 of the precise past things you bash earlier your break, since that presumption alteration goes into effect immediately.

Schedule a Google Calendar out-of-office event 

  1. Open Google Calendar, either connected the web oregon successful the Google Calendar mobile app connected Android oregon iOS.
  2. Select the + fastener to make a caller event.
  3. Select the Out of Office lawsuit benignant to bespeak you'll beryllium unavailable (Figure A).
  4. Add an due rubric (e.g., "On a overmuch needed vacation").
  5. Configure the dates and times to bespeak your abrogation days.
  6. By default, the strategy volition automatically diminution each existing and caller events connected your calendar during the selected period. Unless you indispensable capable your clip disconnected with meetings, I powerfully urge you permission the mounting arsenic the default. 
  7. Figure A

     Event rubric  (Out of office), benignant   (Out of office), Dates (Dec 8 - Dec 12), All time  events, configured to Automatically diminution  each  caller   and existing meetings during those dates.

    On the web, make an out-of-office lawsuit for the days you'll beryllium away. In astir cases, you'll privation the strategy to automatically diminution caller and existing meetings for the duration of your vacation.

  8. If you want, modify the connection radical volition person to explicate your lack (Figure B). The default reply reads "Declined due to the fact that I americium retired of office," but you whitethorn edit it to elaborate arsenic due (e.g., "I americium connected abrogation until Dec. 8. Please interaction (name) astatine (email/phone) if you request assistance portion I'm off.")
  9. Make definite to prime Save to sphere your changes and adhd the lawsuit to your Google Calendar.
  10. Figure B

     Event rubric  (Out of office), benignant   (Out of office), Dates (Dec 8 - Dec 12), All time  events, configured to Automatically diminution  each  caller   and existing meetings during those dates.

    The Google Calendar app (on Android, shown here, and iOS) besides lets you docket an out-of-office event.

    How to configure a Gmail abrogation responder

    1. On the web, spell to Gmail.
    2. Select Settings (the sprocket, successful the precocious close area), past See All Settings.
    3. On the General tab, scroll to the bottommost to entree the Vacation responder (Figure C).
    4. Select the archetypal and past dates you privation your responder to beryllium active.
    5. Enter the Gmail taxable and connection you privation the strategy to nonstop portion you're connected vacation.
    6. By default, if you bash not prime immoderate further options, Gmail volition reply to each incoming email with the abrogation taxable and connection you enter. However, I powerfully suggest that you prime the checkboxes adjacent to "Only nonstop a effect to radical successful my contacts" and "Only nonstop a effect to radical successful (your organization)." This ensures that lone radical you cognize oregon enactment with volition person your abrogation responder message. While your colleagues and contacts are presumably radical you trust, there's typically nary request for your responder to divulge your abrogation presumption to each azygous entity that sends you an email portion you're away.

    Figure C

    Screenshot of Gmail Vacation responder settings connected  the web, showing First time  (Dec 8, 2021), Last time  (Dec 12, 2021), Subject "Out of office", Message substance   "Add your abrogation  oregon  retired  of bureau   email connection   and details here! Andy", and options checked to lone  nonstop   a effect   to radical   successful  my contacts and lone  nonstop   a effect   to radical   successful  WolberWorks (i.e., your organization).

    On the web, configure the abrogation responder successful Gmail. Make definite to prime Save Changes erstwhile done.

    Note: To entree the Vacation responder connected an Android oregon iOS device, unfastened the Gmail app, pat the 3 horizontal enactment paper (upper left), pat Settings, past pat your workspace relationship (e.g., successful my case, past pat connected the Vacation responder option. Configure your options arsenic desired (Figure D).

    Figure D

    Screenshot of Vacation responder connected  Android, with First time  Dec 8, 2021, Last day, Dec 12, 2021. Subject tract  filled with "On vacation" and Message tract  filled with "Add your abrogation  connection   hereā€¦" arsenic  good   arsenic  options checked to nonstop   lone  to my contacts and nonstop   lone  to WolberWorks (i.e., your organization).

    You besides whitethorn configure a abrogation responder from the Gmail app (on Android, arsenic shown here, arsenic good arsenic iOS).

    Set your Google Chat presumption to Vacationing

    1. On the web, spell to Gmail (or, alternatively, to Google Chat).
    2. In the precocious close area, prime the Status drop-down and take Add a Status from the paper options (Figure E).
    3. Select Vacationing, past adhd immoderate details you privation to disclose successful the presumption substance country (e.g., "Vacationing for the archetypal clip successful years").
    4. Select the Clear Status After drop-down enactment paper and take Custom.
    5. Choose the day and clip you program to beryllium disposable again, past prime the Set button. Your vacationing presumption volition beryllium removed astatine the day and clip you specified.

    Figure E

    00 AM.

    As 1 of your past actions earlier vacation, alteration your Google Chat presumption to Vacationing. You whitethorn prime the day and clip that your presumption volition revert to accustomed (i.e., Active oregon Away).

    Note: On an Android oregon iOS device, the Add a Status enactment is disposable successful the Gmail app (if you entree Chat wrong Gmail) arsenic good arsenic wrong the abstracted Google Chat app (Figure F). In either case, unfastened the app, past pat the 3 horizontal enactment paper successful the precocious left. Tap the Add a Status enactment that displays (immediately beneath your existent Google Chat status).

    Figure F

    Screenshot of presumption    connected  an Android device, acceptable   to Vacationing and Clear presumption    aft  tract  acceptable   to 11/28/21 08:59.

    You whitethorn acceptable your Google Chat presumption to Vacationing connected an Android oregon iOS instrumentality from wrong either the Gmail oregon Google Chat app.

    What's your experience?

    Do astir radical successful your enactment marque the supra changes earlier they instrumentality a vacation? Are determination different apps and/or settings you typically change, successful summation to the 3 above? Let maine cognize however you configure your systems for extended holidays, either with a remark beneath oregon connected Twitter (@awolber).

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