Fastest-Growing IPO Stocks: 20 IPOs Expecting Up To 900% Growth In 2021

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Led by founders from Google, UPST banal joins InMode and TaskUs connected this database of today's apical IPOs to watch.

Heading into the past 4th of the year, what are the champion IPO stocks to bargain and ticker successful 2021? Led by Upstart (UPST) and TaskUs (TASK), here's a look astatine 20 IPOs that person debuted since 2019 and expect betwixt 27% and up to 900% net maturation successful 2021 oregon their existent fiscal year.


InMode (INMD), Avantor (AVTR), Datadog (DDOG), CrowdStrike (CRWD) and Revolve (RVLV) and Zoominfo Technologies (ZI) besides made the cut.

And with the stock marketplace indexes continuing to shingle disconnected caller selling pressure, respective of the these top IPOs are successful oregon caller buy zones.

Built utilizing MarketSmith, the surface filters the full IBD database identifying lone those companies that conscionable the criteria listed below.

UPST stock, TASK banal and each the IPO stocks connected this surface must:

  • Have gone nationalist since 2019.
  • Trade 400,000+ shares per time connected average
  • Expect 25% oregon higher EPS maturation successful 2021.
  • Have income maturation supra 25% past quarter.
  • Earn a Composite Rating 80 oregon higher.

Stock Checkup requires a Composite Rating of 95 oregon higher to gain a passing grade. Many IPOs, adjacent ones showing beardown promise, person not been trading connected the banal marketplace agelong capable — oregon lag connected different metrics — to conscionable that benchmark. But each of the IPO stocks featured present person an 80 oregon amended Composite Rating to amusement their cardinal and method show puts them successful the apical 20% of each stocks.

Take UPST banal for example. Founded successful 2020 by erstwhile employees Google, Upstart leverages cloud=based artificial quality (AI) to streamline affordable user recognition portion reducing the risks and costs of lending for its slope partners. The San Mateo Calif.-based institution has already originated implicit $9 cardinal successful loans with much than two-thirds afloat automated.

In summation to the Alphabet (GOOGL) pedigree, UPST banal is boosted by expert estimates of 900% net maturation for the afloat year. The starring cloud computing and AI stock has besides generated mean yearly income maturation of 70% implicit the past 3 years.

Another IPO to ticker is TaskUs, which has rapidly emerged arsenic a starring Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. Like Upstart, TaskUs has cardinal stock-picking traits, including the highest-possible 99 Composite Rating.

UPST banal (No. 3) and TASK banal (No. 6) some hail from industry groups ranking successful the apical 10 of the 197 groups IBD tracks.

IPOs On Leading Stock Lists

TASK banal and UPST banal are some connected the IBD 50, portion TaskUs besides earns a spot connected IBD Sector Leaders.

Several different apical IPOs are besides connected IBD stock lists. InMode, Avantor, Datadog, Avantor, Dlocal (DLO) and Progyny (PGNY) articulation Upstart and TaskUs connected the IBD 50.

Upstart, InMode, Avantor, Doximity, Revolve, and ZIM Integrated Shipping Services (ZIM) articulation respective others connected the IPO Leaders screen.

Which IPO Stocks Are In Or Near A Buy Zone?

While galore of the apical IPOs, specified arsenic InMode, TaskUs and Upstart banal are extended, respective others are mounting up oregon present successful caller bargain zones.

Revolve, PGNY stock, Zoominfo, and Envista (NVST) acceptable that bill.

Top IPO Stocks Expecting 27% To 900% EPS Growth In 2021

Company Symbol EPS Est Cur Yr % Comp Rating RS Rating EPS Rating SMR Rating
Upstart Holdings Inc UPST 900 99 99 65 A
ZIM Integ Shipping Svcs ZIM 628 99 99 71 A
Core & Main Inc Cl A CNM 444 84 78 62 C
Ryan Specialty Grp Cl A RYAN 200 80 87 63
Progyny Inc PGNY 182 92 92 65 A
Dlocal Limited Cl A DLO 160 98 96 65 A
Envista Holdings Corp NVST 102 95 80 68 B
G F L Environmental Inc GFL 76 95 86 65 C
Allegro Microsystems Inc ALGM 70 90 92 61 B
CrowdStrike Holdings A CRWD 70 92 87 65 B
Taskus Inc Class A TASK 69 99 99 98 A
Stevanato Group S P A STVN 68 96 95 61 A
InMode Ltd INMD 55 99 99 99 A
Bellring Brands Inc Cl A BRBR 54 82 83 61 B
Avantor Inc AVTR 53 99 93 97 A
Zoominfo Techs Cl A ZI 46 98 91 65 A
Jamf Holding Corp JAMF 33 91 73 61 B
Revolve Group Inc Cl A RVLV 32 95 97 98 A
Datadog Inc Cl A DDOG 27 95 93 45 A

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