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World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator ® is “the World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator” and a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), managed by a Team of Industry-Recognized & Highly Qualified Retired US Military & Diplomatic Government EXPERTS. Home - GeoBizOps® ® was launched to assist Small to Mid-sized Businesses & Non-profits to Succeed. ®, we provide our Members with the ONLY (3) Products & Support Services they need to Expand their Operations into the Government, Defense & Aid Industries.

Government, Defense & Aid “Fast-Track” Registration Services® helps its Members Register to do Business with the US Government, their Large Prime Contractors (Top 100), the UN, NATO, 100’s of Aid Agencies/NGOs & all Development Banks.

Launch, Growth, and/or Jumpstart Program ® provides all Products & Support Services (including Bid Management & Matchmaking Services) that are Essential for our Members to do Business (B2B/B2G) ) with the Government, Defense & Aid Industries.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP) & Hire a VET • Hire a HERO ® Supports & Provides these (2) Very Special Groups (our American Military HEROES) everything they need to do Business (B2B/B2G) with the Government, Defense & Aid Industries.

Contact Information -

Telephone - (877) 359-3883

Address - 401 E. Jackson St.
Suite 2340-A

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Crypto domain names are a hot commodity in the emerging NFT market

Blockchain web domains differ from their traditional counterparts in that they are purchased for a one-off fee, as opposed to running on a subscription basis. Unlike traditional web domains, decentralized domains are controlled only by the owner of the domain, and are not subject to renewal fees or price increases. There is no centralized authority that controls the individual user’s domain, which means decentralized domains are not susceptible to massive phishing scams, arbitrary take-downs or privacy breaches.

Trading of blockchain domain names happens on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains with .zil, .crypto, and .eth TLDs. In recent months the spike in NFTs have lead to a huge increase in the number of buyers of domain names. 

With a 3 letter name like GOD.zil, the seller is expecting quite a high interest level. As seen by the listing on Mintable the buyer is asking for $57,000 at the time of writing. Normal 3 letter domain names go for much higher, and something as special as ‘god’ may fetch an even higher premium on resale. 

You can find the domain listing on Mintable at

About Mintable

Mintable is a marketplace that supports the creation, listing, and sales of digital assets such as NFTs. Mintable is built on a decentralised, peer-to-peer model as it aims to empower contemporary artists and creators to get due recognition and rewards from their work. The platform is easy to use with an intuitive UI, and users can easily browse, mint, or sell their tokens without any prior knowledge of coding. Founded in 2018, Mintable is built on and secured by the Zilliqa and Ethereum blockchains. In 2021, renowned venture capitalist and television personality, Mark Cuban, announced a significant investment to help scale this promising dapp, which has sold and auctioned works by prominent global artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

For more information, please visit:

To stay in touch with Mintable, follow us on our social media:





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GOODPAPA - The 2nd Gen Smart Toilet Brush(MT2) Announces LaunchGOODPAPA - The 2nd Gen Smart Toilet Brush(MT2) Announces Launch


Today, the team at GOODPAPA announced the launch of the 2nd Gen Smart Toilet brush(MT2). This electric rotation, UVC sterilization toilet brush provides fast, self-sterilization cleaning and features a one-button control design. This one-of-a-kind toilet brush is available now on Amazon:


 For some people, Maybe GOODPAPA smart toilet brush is a new product, but for over 1000 backers and more than 40000 global users, they have already felt the magic of this product ahead of time in July 2020. So a lot of work went into its electric rotation, UVC sterilization function, and other innovation, which given a different cleaning experience in toilet cleaning.


"Cleaning the toilet is one of the consumers' least favorite household chores," said Yang, President- General Manager. "GOODPAPA MT2 is a real gamechanger in bathroom care. It makes cleaning the toilet easier and more effective, especially in the era of Covid-19, we're sanitizing every single thing in our houses while quarantining.”


The iteration of MT2 based on user feedback of MT1. GOODPAPA was launched on the eve of mother's day, expecting that people who are busy with household chores will save time for themselves and spend more time with their families.

Click, Swish, and Self-clean

No one likes using or storing a dirty toilet brush, which research indicates can harbor millions of germs. And between cleanings, those germs can thrive in and around brush caddies, multiplying by the millions. GOODPAPA MT2 finally lets consumers get rid of their dirty brush and caddy.


Electric cleaning-Improved motor goes at a speed of 300RPM, can clean away any stain quickly

Using UV-C sterilization at a wavelength of 270-285nm, and reaches 99.9% bacteria & germs will be killed within 2min. Finally, when you’re done, just set it in its base to self-clean.

Redesigned TPR brush head and an extra replacement bristle brush head to provide deeper and durable cleaning.


Goodpapa MT2 is a sturdy, ergonomic wand that allows you to reach the surfaces you want to clean with much less effort and without having to bend and experience back strain as much as you normally would. 

There's even a built-in reservoir underneath the brush that catches any excess moisture, allowing it to dry more efficiently and preventing that humid germ-breeding ground.

Enhanced battery life that can nonstop battery life of 1.5 hours, it can stay charged and work for one month until the next charging cycle is required. 

The charging part adopts a top-level craft plus segmented design, It is not awkward, even if the charging handle is brought to the living room for charging.

It charges via USB-C to easily integrate with your other gadgets, giving you a better charging experience.

 Keep your porcelain throne clean with the GOODPAPA Smart Toilet Brush(MT2). This intelligent gadget keeps your favorite seat in the house free of bacteria.


Coming to Amazon Shelves Soon

 The GOODPAPA MT2 kit, which includes a Toilet brush and two brush heads, has a suggested retail price of $29.99. GOODPAPA 2nd Gen toilet brush will be widely available on Amazon on May 3rd, 2021. To celebrate the MT2 launch on Amazon and Mother's Day 2021 fast approaching, We offer a 20% OFF discount on a mother's gift. Let’s grab this good deal chance to stock the perfect gift up for mom to brighten up her day. For more information on GOODPAPA 2nd Gen Smart Toilet Brush(Mother’s Day gift), visit



 GOODPAPA is one of the fastest-growing household appliance brands and cleaning solutions that fit the lifestyle of busy people.

GOODPAPA believes in quality and takes its business and reputation seriously. By providing highly functional, innovative products, GOODPAPA products positively impact peoples’ lives every day in every home around the world.

The company's vision is simple: “Where there is a home, there is GOODPAPA”.

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Ultrahuman Launches Mac App, Trends on #1 on App Store

Global health and fitness platform Ultrahuman officially launched its Mac app to help users meditate, get to deep work with LoFi music & productivity playlists, & even work out from the comfort of their Mac.

With the launch of the beautifully designed Mac app, accessing content from the world's best fitness experts has become even more seamless and simple.

"Office workers spend a jaw-dropping 1,700 hours a year in front of a computer - and that's just in the US. With Ultrahuman Mac app launch, our users' favourite work screen is now their favourite workout, mindfulness and sleep destination as well! Within a few days of launch, we were trending on #1 on Mac Store which also shows that people need seamless and quick access to their favourite relaxation, productivity and fitness apps, especially as we embrace the Work From Home culture," said Mohit Kumar, Founder & CEO, Ultrahuman.

More about Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman is a fitness platform that helps people meditate, workout efficiently, and optimize their sleep with the help of athletes, neuroscientists, artists, and psychologists—all in one place. It was officially launched at the world's largest tech exhibition, CES, in January 2021.


The core differentiator of the Ultrahuman app is bringing the best athletes, fitness coaches and psychologists in the world on one platform. Partners include leading athletes and celebrities like Crossfit world champion Kara Saunders, fitness celebrity Amanda Cerny, coach Johannes Bartl, hybrid athlete, and coach Kris Gethin, MindSize CEO Christian Straka, UCLA Mindfulness Director Diana Winston, to name a few.

Biofeedback Technology

Compared to Calm and Headspace's celebrity content approach—Ultrahuman uses a technology platform-based approach to improve the experience and sustainable long-term results.

The Ultrahuman app integrates with the Apple Watch to provide real-time biofeedback to measure and improve the efficacy of meditation and workouts. You can not only see the calories burned and your heart rate but also track your progress day-on-day. Also, for the first time, you can see the impact of your meditation session with a drop in your heart rate as you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Ever-growing fitness content library from top global experts

Ultrahuman features an ever-growing library of thousands of hours of content across Body Workouts, Meditation, Bedtime Stories, and Brain Music categories designed by experts to empower users to unleash their personal best in mind and body.

● Workouts: There are body Body Workout programs - including HIIT classes, Yoga, running, and more designed for all fitness levels. What makes each program unique is the combination of mind, body, and recovery that empowers users to maximize results and stay focused on consistent practice.

● Meditation: The life-changing skill of meditation backed by cutting-edge research is the core of the experience.

● Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Stories written by award-winning authors are designed to educate, delight, and relax users into sleep.

● Brain Music: Music from various neuro-musicians, classical music legends, and artists, including Grammy Award winners, is designed to relax, help with focus and productivity, sleep, and more.

Assets are available for download here. Press Contact -

About Ultrahuman: Ultrahuman is a fitness platform that helps people meditate, workout efficiently, and optimize their sleep with the help of athletes, neuroscientists, artists, and psychologists—all in one place. Ultrahuman is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Apple Watch, Wear OS. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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THINKWARE Announces Launch of Its Intelligent T700 LTE Dash Cam Equipped With The All New ‘Connected Service’ Feature

With the national lockdown restrictions set to ease and domestic travel plans already laid out by those looking to make the most of their summer staycations, THINKWARE, the world-leading dash cam manufacturer, has today announced the launch of its brand new T700 connected dashcam. 

The Connected dashcam T700 has intelligent user accessibility at the forefront of its design with its brand new THINKWARE ‘Connected Service’ feature powered by mobile network provider Vodafone. The new feature boasts a number of key capabilities including:

Remote Live View: a feature that enables users to view real-time footage of their vehicles in both ‘continuous recording mode’ and ‘parking mode’ with a click of a button.

Real-Time Parking Impact Video: a feature capable of detecting all forms of vehicle contact and relaying footage of incidents directly to users via notifications on the THINKWARE Connected app.

Emergency Contact Messaging: In the event of an emergency due to an accident, the location and alarm information is automatically communicated via an SOS message or manually via the SOS button on the dashcam via SMS to the registered mobile emergency contact number.

Vehicle Status & Driving History: a feature that monitors the vehicle’s motion status including vehicle battery voltage check. This also includes the monitoring of driving history with data analytics on driving behavior and travel histories such as date, time, and distance of journeys. The camera can also be switched off remotely.

Captured Image of Most Recent Parking: in Parking Mode, this feature enables users to view vehicle location through the dash cam’s front & rearview camera at Full-HD quality.

Remote Firmware Data Update: with this feature, users can conveniently upgrade and update their firmware and speed cam data remotely to e1nhance dash cam features and maintain optimal operation.

Vodafone will provide their dedicated Smart SIM, which will cost £3 per month for 5GB of data in the UK and €3 per month for end users resident in Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, South Africa, Ireland, Portugal, and Greece. This provides both national and international roaming across Europe and beyond. Other countries will be introduced in due course. To meet the needs of all citizens across Europe, Thinkware will also offer a non-steered national and international roaming SIM to cover all EU27 and EEA customers’ needs. In order to use ‘Connected Service’, users can use it by registering their Smart SIM through the Vodafone app and paying the monthly fee(£3).


With the THINKWARE Connected Service, monitoring, downloading, and accessing recorded footage has never been easier through the dedicated Thinkware Connected app. The camera can also be managed locally via WiFi using the Thinkware Link app, to change camera settings, preview, and download footage as well as update the firmware and speed camera database.

Driver safety is also a big talking point for this new LTE dash cam with its all-new SOS reporting feature that enables drivers to record separate traffic accidents all with a click of a button. In addition to this, the T700 also boasts all-important road safety features that include a safety camera alert system, front vehicle departure warning and lane departure warning systems (FVDW/LDWS), a forward-collision warning system (FCWS), and a low speed Forward collision warning system (low-speed FCWS), to ensure greater road safety for drivers. 

As with other high-quality THINKWARE dash cams, the T700 also offers an expansive view of the road with 1080p full HD resolution and a wide 140-degree field of view front and rear. In addition to this, users can also benefit from the dash cam’s Super Night Vision feature that comes with real-time image signal processing (ISP) that enhances the brightness of nighttime parking footage. On the topic of parking, the T700 enables users to make the most of its feature-rich Parking Mode that includes, Motion and Impact Detection or time-lapse recording plus Energy Saving Parking Recording which reduces energy consumption by 60%.

Tim Sagar, THINKWARE’s Business Development Manager, said: “The dashcam market has been growing exponentially due in part to an increased awareness of the effectiveness of dash cams. As a market leader in this space, THINKWARE is continuing to push the boundaries of innovation with newer and smarter dashcam products. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new T700 LTE dash cam equipped with the all-new and intelligent ‘Connected Service’ features that enable users to access, monitor, and download footage from their dashcam conveniently and remotely via their smartphones. New features such as Real-Time Parking Impact Video and Remote Live View will provide drivers that much-needed peace of mind when they are away from their vehicle.

The T700 will be the basis upon which we will build our presence in the connected fleet market.”

The T700 connected dashcam is available throughout Europe, including Thinkware’s EU stores, Amazon, the RAC, and a number of independent professional resellers, and is priced for a 1CH with a 16GB SD card at £279, and for a 2CH with a 32GB SD card £349.



Global IT Corporation THINKWARE DASH CAM was founded in Korea in 1997.

Through consistent research and development in the field of smart car technologies, THINKWARE DASH CAM has established itself as the market leader in various sectors such as dash cams, electronic maps, navigation, and mobile applications.  

Spearheading the competition with world-class image processing technologies and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, THINKWARE DASH CAM debuted in the US market in 2014. THINKWARE DASH CAM has confirmed it will be exporting its DASH CAM lines into 17 other countries including the US, Canada, UK, and Japan.

THINKWARE DASH CAM has continued to astound the industry with its world-class DASH CAM lines during their presence at global exhibitions like CES, SEMA, and The Gadget Show Live. For CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, THINKWARE received the Innovation Award of the Year for excellence in technology and design. The company has also received the IF Design Award and IDEA Award Finalist in 2017, as well as the Red Dot Design Award in 2017.

For more information, visit the Thinkware websites at and 

Media Contacts:

Abshir Hersi & Hazel Jasmine Weller 

Liberty Communications for THINKWARE

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GoldSpot Agency launches high in demand Internet Marketing with digital transformation services

Announcing how David Preston, Founder, Legendary Consultants, and Eva Martinez, CPA, Founder, The MILE Group have joined forces to help business owners create fast cash so they can recover much faster from the impact the Covid-19 pandemic lock-downs have had on their businesses without waiting for help from the PPL loans from the government.

They go on to state that their proven method can help businesses generate fast cash in 7 to 14 business days with something they already have but not using, yet.

They realized that during this pandemic period when Covid-19 has impacted the economy of every country, they had to do what they could to help many more business owners who are on the brink of disaster as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

David Preston, the Legendary Consultant, has come out of semi-retirement and partnered with Eva Martinez, CPA, Founder of The MILE Group to help business owners bounce back from the financial impact the recent crisis has had on their business. It seems that most business owners are at the edge of disaster and trying hard to catch up. Therefore David and Eva –have come up with a unique strategy as well as a marketing method that can surely change your business fortune. 

They agree that in tough economic times most businesses start scaling back, or completely shut down. The owners know they have to do something, they just don't know what to do. And they need real help, not hope or pie-in-the-sky solutions.

According to these two professionals, every business has assets hiding in plain sight but they hardly know how to leverage or capitalize them. Their 50 years of combined business and consulting experience has therefore helped them figure out how they can help more entrepreneurs generate fast cash with something they already own. This special marketing method, however, costs less than other marketing tactics you may be used in your business. Moreover, they state that it will help you generate a lot of sales and cash flow within 7 to 14 business days, guaranteed.

This unique method can be 100% outsourced so that you can get all the benefits without any of the headaches that setting it up and monitoring normally brings.  It will also provide significant long-term consistent revenues to your business for growth and expansion if necessary.

They have further commented that if you can increase customer retention by 5% using this method, then there’s a high chance a business can increase profits by up to 125%.

A recent survey by Target Marketing Media has confirmed that this retention method can deliver the strongest ROI if you know how to employ email, direct mail, webcasts/webinars, Social media engagement, SMS marketing, and outbound telemarketing. However, they will combine each of these methods and come up with much better results for the clients. According to them, every business is different, and recognizing that fact means that they will employ the best marketing techniques for that particular business at that time.

Because of their expertise business owners often think that they cannot afford to hire them. Well, this is where David Preston and Eva Martinez have simplified the matter by keeping their fees low enough so that any business owner can avail of the services. They also guarantee that this strategy will produce great results or they will continue running your campaign for free until you achieve at least 2X your investment. Yet they have specific criteria that businesses must meet in order to benefit from this strategy.

That is why they ask that you complete a 5-minute survey in order to find out if you qualify to work with them and to determine how much cash you could generate in 7 to 14 business days by using their unique strategy. If you do not meet their specific criteria, they will be happy to talk to you and determine how to best help you generate more sales and cash flow on an ongoing basis.

With an ironclad guarantee like they provide, it’s no wonder they have been able to help hundreds, even thousands of businesses through their combined services and longevity in their own businesses and consulting fields.

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Award-Winning Carbon Broker to Assist XELS With Offset Procurement and Strategy

XELS, a revolutionary blockchain-based carbon offset platform has announced that it has joined forces with renowned carbon brokerage and risk management firm Redshaw Advisors. Under the collaboration, Redshaw Advisors will provide strategic advisory, consulting, and procurement of carbon credits for XELS.

Immutable Carbon Offsets

Initially focused on the voluntary carbon credit segment, XELS launched its blockchain platform and eponymous digital asset earlier this month. The startup's tokenized offset credits, which exist on an immutable public ledger, are designed to boost both transparency and participation in carbon markets.

Unlike traditional carbon credits, XELS cannot be modified or double spent, and the process of "burning" used tokens ensures the credit is retired forever. Anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection (from eco-conscious individuals to corporations who are serious about tackling climate change) can buy and trade XELS.

XELS and Redshaw LTD

By working with Redshaw Advisors, XELS will be able to ensure the legitimacy of each credit it tokenizes, while also providing an additional record of the credit's retirement in the Redshaw Advisors' registry account. Upon retirement, Redshaw Advisors will also issue certificates that XELS' clients can use to show the exact amount of CO2 they've neutralized.

Bill Goldie, Head of Voluntary Market at Redshaw Advisors, stated that:

"Redshaw are delighted to have been given the opportunity to advise, consult, and procure for XELS across carbon markets - compliance and voluntary - and renewable energy." 

Regulated "Compliance" Credits

In the future, XELS seeks to offer regulated "compliance" credits in addition to voluntary offset credits. The startup is in advanced discussions with a number of Japanese corporations that wish to significantly curtail their environmental impact, in line with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's goal of reaching net zero domestic emissions by 2050.

XELS founder and CEO Takeshi Nojima explains the two companies' progression towards fighting global warming:

"In many ways, Japan is playing catch up with the rest of the world, and the European Union in particular."

Takeshi stated that XELS will become the easiest, most transparent way for businesses to join the fight against global warming, and that the company will be able to provide clear proof of their commitment - backed by Redshaw Advisors. He added that this is something consumers appreciate, and will eventually come to expect from the companies that they support.

About XELS

XELS Limited was founded in 2017, with offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and is a member of the Climate Chain Coalition. XELS tokens can be obtained on the Bittrex Global and MXC cryptocurrency exchanges.

About Redsaw

Redshaw Advisors, founded in 2014, with a long track record of success in the European carbon markets, has a growing presence in voluntary markets. Among numerous industry accolades, Redshaw Advisors was named Best Trading Company and Best Advisory/Consultancy for EU ETS credits, Voluntary Carbon Market, and Renewable Energy Certificates in 2020. 

Businesses in the green tech space interested in collaborating with XELS can contact

Media Contact Details

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Contact Email:

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XELS is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 

About Bitcoin PR Buzz 

Bitcoin PR Buzz has been proudly serving the crypto press release distribution needs of blockchain start-ups for over 9 years. Get your Bitcoin Press Release Distribution today.

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ClientSuccess Releases Industry's First Conversational Customer Success Solution

ClientSuccess, a leading Customer Success Platform, today announced the release of Conversations by ClientSuccessTM, the first solution in the customer success space for delivering "Conversational Customer Success".

Conversations empowers front-line customer success managers (CSMs) to engage with customers in a faster and more authentic way. Built as a Chrome Extension, Conversations gives CSMs a direct communication line to collaborate with their customers in real-time, all from a simple app in their browser. In addition to real-time messaging, Conversations enables collaborative task management across the customer journey and embedded video messaging (coming soon).

"CSMs spend a majority of their time engaging with customers using clunky email or bulky video conferencing, usually centered around ongoing conversations and tasks," said Dave Blake, Founder/CEO of ClientSuccess. "This results in poor productivity, fragmented customer conversations, and ineffective execution. Conversations makes it simple to engage with your customers, collaborate on tasks, and develop authentic relationships. We're excited to introduce the industry's first solution for Conversational Customer Success."

In addition to the value provided to CSMs, Conversations enables Customers to have a more authentic, personal experience with their CSM, rather than writing hefty emails, waiting for the next meeting, or dealing with impersonal bots.

"In the current Customer Economy that we're in, the most authentic and delightful customer experiences win," said JD Nyland, SVP of Product at ClientSuccess. "Customers are sick of dealing with bots, impersonal email campaigns, and artificial gates making it difficult to engage with a human. They want direct access to their vendors, transparent collaboration, and easier ways to communicate. Conversations delivers all three in a simple and elegant way."

Among the key features, Conversations allows CSMs to:

Invite customers & team members to use Conversations via a simple Chrome Extension
Engage in direct 1:1 conversations with customers, or multiple customer contacts via group conversations
Create, assign & complete tasks across the entire customer lifecycle
Launch a quick & easy video chat for a more personal conversation with customers
Conversations is a completely free app for CSMs, teammates, and customers to drive Conversational Customer Success.  Those wishing to sign up for exclusive early access can do so at

About ClientSuccess:

ClientSuccess is a leading customer success platform that empowers B2B SaaS companies to proactively manage post-sales customer relationships, measure customer health, maximize customer retention and growth, and create a culture of customer success. The award-winning software solution is a consistent industry leader in user experience and time-to-value and was awarded the prestigious SIIA CODiE Award winner for the Best Customer Success Solution in 2020. Global customers such as Reward Gateway, Symphony Talent, PracticeIgnition, and Grand Rounds rely on ClientSuccess to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive strong revenue retention and growth.

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CABC Announces Additions to its Advisory Board

Today the Canadian American Business Council announced two additions to its distinguished Advisory Board. The Honorable Kelly Craft and the Honorable Heidi Heitkamp will join the CABC Advisory Board to provide key insights and guidance to the Board of Directors, committees of the Board, and the executive leadership.

Ambassador Kelly Craft served as the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2019 to 2021, and U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp served as the first female senator elected from North Dakota from 2013 to 2019. Their combined expertise will bring significant perspective to the Advisory Board as it works to strengthen and advance the Canada-US relationship.

"The CABC's strength lies in its ability to bring together diverse voices from across the aisle, boardroom, and border," says CABC CEO Maryscott Greenwood. "As our countries navigate significant issues affecting our relationship, including North American trade, climate change, the pandemic recovery and reopening our shared economies, Ambassador Craft and Senator Heitkamp will provide welcomed counsel."

"I am delighted to join this distinguished group of leaders advising the CABC. Ever since my first day as Ambassador to Canada, I valued the wise counsel of the Council's Advisory Board members on key bilateral issues, and it is an honor to now count myself among them. I look forward to continuing to build on the important work of the USMCA which was a milestone achievement during my tenure in Ottawa," said Ambassador Kelly Craft.

"As a lifelong resident of a northern border state and a proponent of strong Canada/US relations, I couldn't be more delighted to join such a distinguished group of leaders from all political stripes and from both sides of the border to advance this essential relationship," said Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

The new members will join the existing members of the Advisory Board, which includes former US and Canadian ambassadors, and provincial, state and federal leaders.

About the CABC: Established in 1987, the Canadian American Business Council is the leading non-profit, non-partisan, issues-oriented organization dedicated to fostering dialogue between the public and private sectors in Canada and the US. Members are key business leaders and stakeholders from both sides of the border ranging from entrepreneurs to best name brands in the world. Collectively, CABC members employ about two million people and have annual revenues of close to $1.5 trillion. For more information, visit

SOURCE Canadian American Business Council

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Zoe Financial Announces Its Collaboration with Vista Wealth Management

Zoe Financial, a digital marketplace that empowers consumers to find vetted and reviewed financial advisors, announced today a partnership with Vista Wealth Management Group ("Vista"). Zoe offers users a curated selection of financial advisors with the highest level of experience, education, and integrity, who have been vetted by its in-depth review process to find those with the best fiduciary service. For users, the process is frictionless and hassle-free. Within seconds of completing the 'Find an Advisor' form, Zoe's platform recommends the top matches specifically for the individual. As part of the partnership, you can now match and hire top-rated advisors at Vista. 

Vista is an independent advisor with $2.75 billion in regulatory assets under management (AUM) and 850 clients. For over 20 years, Vista has provided comprehensive financial planning, tax strategy, and investment management for individuals and their families. Andres Garcia-Amaya, CEO & Founder of Zoe Financial, said, "Vista's Family CFO approach stood out to us. It ensures that they work closely with their clients to advise them on all financial and major life decisions."

Vista's advisor team uses a collaborative approach to internally test every client's plan, a step in the Discovery Process they call Plan Defense. "Our advisors include CPAs, CFAs, and CFP® professionals with decades of experience. We value their feedback, viewpoints, and ideas. Our process provides a deeper understanding of our clients' unique situations and seeks consensus for the advice we give," said Aaron White, Chief Growth Officer at Vista. "Zoe's vetting process is also very thorough; we've been impressed with their ability to find clients who value planning and an evidence-based approach to investing." 

Together, Zoe and Vista are on a mission in providing valuable resources to help clients make key decisions when it comes to important topics like building wealth, managing investments, and achieving long-term financial goals.

Learn more about Zoe Financial at 

About Zoe Financial

Zoe Financial was founded with one mission: to empower consumers to make better financial decisions. The company's algorithm removes the friction from choosing a financial advisor, offering a technology-driven marketplace that provides matches based on your unique financial objectives and connects you with Zoe Certified Financial Advisors across the United States. Zoe's thoughtfully curated network of the best independent, fiduciary, commission-free financial advisors and financial planners includes only the top 5% in the country.


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RIVANNA® Announces Alliance With Tri-anim Health Services to Increase Nationwide Distribution of Accuro®

RIVANNA®, developers of world-first, imaging-based medical solutions, announced they have entered into a partnership with Tri-anim Health Services, a specialty distributor of respiratory, anesthesia, and critical-care supplies, to represent and distribute the Accuro® portfolio of products in the United States.

Tri-anim is a natural distribution choice for RIVANNA as they provide effective and efficient patient care solutions, including innovative and proven specialty anesthesia products and consumables to support the vital role of the anesthesia provider.

Will Mauldin, Ph.D., co-founder, and CEO of RIVANNA, commented, "We worked together to establish this strategic partnership, and are excited to begin an alliance with Tri-anim due in part to their specialty anesthesia focus and clinical expertise. This milestone demonstrates an increasing opportunity for Accuro sales in the anesthesia market, and we are pleased to gain momentum across the United States. Accuro's increased national expansion and continuing worldwide market adoption indicate RIVANNA's success and the progression of our ongoing mission to elevate the standard of care."


The Accuro spinal navigation system is designed to improve the efficiency of spinal needle guidance procedures using groundbreaking technology, including Multi-Frequency BoneEnhance® Image Reconstruction, which provides enhanced visualization of lumbar and thoracic bony anatomy, and SpineNav3D™AI-Based Spine Recognition, which provides automated identification of spinal midline, epidural space, and depth during lumber neuraxial anesthesia. This technology also supports real-time thoracic paramedian neuraxial procedures and prescribes a "needle-track" towards the interlaminar space. Relying on automated SpineNav3D™ technology, Accuro enables users with even minimal ultrasound experience to navigate the lumbar and thoracic spine and identify relevant landmarks used to compute, visualize and pinpoint the optimal needle insertion point.

Tom Metcalf, President of Tri-anim Health Services, said, "The Tri-anim team is thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking technology to an expanding market supporting spinal needle guidance procedures in the U.S., as it underpins Tri-anim's vision to offer the most effective products and solutions to our customers. The Accuro is clinically proven to increase first-attempt success rates, especially with challenging patient anatomy, and will help anesthesia providers improve their efficiency and elevate their standard of care."


RIVANNA is elevating global standards of care through the development and commercialization of world-first imaging-based medical technologies. The Company's platform builds on continuous advancements in technology, including BoneEnhance®Multi-Frequency Image Reconstruction, which optimizes ultrasound for the visualization of bony versus soft-tissue anatomy, and SpineNav3D™ AI-Based Spine Recognition, which automates ultrasound image interpretation. RIVANNA's clinician-assistance solutions fill unmet needs in the healthcare delivery stream, improving decision-making, clinician workflows, health outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, RIVANNA is privately held and operates an FDA-registered and ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturing facility where it produces the Accuro® product line and related medical equipment and components. For more information, visit

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OneOncology Appoints Two New Board Members

OneOncology, the national platform for independent community oncology practices, today announced that Natalie Dickson, MD, President and Chief Medical Officer for Tennessee Oncology, and Curtis Warfield, President and Chief Executive Officer of Windham Advisors, private equity and strategic advisory firm, have joined the Board of Managers. Mr. Warfield will also chair OneOncology's Audit and Compliance Committees.

"Dr. Natalie Dickson and Curtis Warfield each bring significant experience that will enhance our Board," said David Chernow, Chairman of OneOncology's Board of Managers. "Dr. Dickson is an incredible physician leader, and Curtis Warfield has a wealth of board, technology, and payer experience in healthcare. I'm looking forward to working with both of them to enhance the delivery of cancer care and benefit the practice partners we serve."     

Dr. Dickson is President and Chief Medical Officer for Tennessee Oncology, where she guides process improvement, regulatory affairs, and safety initiatives. She is also skilled in stakeholder management, maintaining a cooperative working relationship along the healthcare continuum with staff, physicians, hospitals, and payers. Her passion for improving the delivery of care for patients drives her focus on physician-led collaboration with technology vendors, pharmaceutical innovators, and other organizations. 

As Tennessee Oncology leads in the implementation of alternative payment models, Dr. Dickson is focused on prioritizing quality initiatives, reducing unnecessary variation, and analyzing and sharing performance metrics. Dr. Dickson also has maintained an active hematology-oncology practice for the past 22 years.


Curtis Warfield, an accomplished C-suite executive, has served in senior roles with three Fortune 500 companies. In addition to his leadership role at Windham Advisors, he is also currently a board member of Texas Roadhouse, a publicly-traded global brand, as well as the Chairman of its Nominating and Governance Committee.

Mr. Warfield, who is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission expert and a certified public accountant, has also served as part of the senior leadership team of Anthem, Inc., one of the nation's largest health insurers with over $100 billion in revenues, from 2017 to 2019.  As a senior executive at HCA, the largest healthcare provider in the country, from 1997 to 2016 he held a variety of roles with the majority of his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of NPAS, a healthcare services company.

With these additions, OneOncology's nine-member Board of Managers consists of five physicians. Board members are Jeff Patton, MD, CEO; David Chernow, Chairman; Natalie Dickson, MD; Senator Bill Frist, MD; Edward Licitra, MD; Justin Sunshine; Jeff Vacirca, MD; Robbert Vorhoff; and Curtis Warfield.

About OneOncology
OneOncology is the national platform for independent community oncology practices working together to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer through a physician-led, data-driven and patient-centric model. OneOncology is comprised of leading community oncology practices representing more than 550 providers practicing at more than 175 sites of care across the United States. To learn more, visit or LinkedIn. 

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Monday, 3 May 2021

TrueID TV partners with AirConsole to deliver unique gaming experiences for TrueID TV users

The first in the market to turn your smartphones into gamepads and your TV screens into a console

Share your gaming fun at home immediately through multiplayer games on your smartphone and your TrueID TV box

Unlock hundreds of games with the AirConsole Hero premium subscription

ZURICH, May 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / -  AirConsole expands its presence in the APAC zone with a new collaboration in Thailand. AirConsole has partnered with the leading provider of integrated digital services,  True Digital Group. True Digital Group is the digital arm of Thailand's fully integrated digital telecommunications service provider True Corporation Public Company Limited. As part of the collaboration, AirConsole is to become the casual gaming solution for your Android TV ecosystem.

True Digital partnering with AirConsole to offer unique gaming experiences for TrueID TV users

“Thailand is an important market for AirConsole in the APAC region. So we're excited to be working with an innovative player like the True Digital Group, "said Anthony Cliquot, COO and Head of Strategic Partnership Development at AirConsole. “This is another Android TV partnership with a leading telecommunications provider in the region. It will help us raise awareness of our product and expand our presence. "The new collaboration is the last in a series of important partnerships AirConsole has recently announced that will give the company instant access to millions of living rooms Ranging from large telecom operators to hardware manufacturers, this, along with the COVID lockdowns, has resulted in a significant increase in their global footprint.

“AirConsole is a great innovation for our market. We can use it to offer our TrueID TV users access to gaming. They use their smartphone as a game controller and can play AirConsole games on the TrueID TV, "says Marco Guida , Chief Revenue Officer of the True Digital Group. 

Gaming is changing the way people socialize today. True Digital is adding AirConsole is added to the list of available gaming services in response to the growing demand from TrueID TV users to play games on TV without gamepads or remote control. The console is fully Thai. True Digital will be the first digital service provider in Thailand that enables hardware-free gaming on TVs and thus further expands the digital lifestyle. This innovation is made possible by the AirConsole gaming system, which turns its users' smartphones into gamepads.

AirConsole, the Netflix-like gaming platform, encompasses a wide variety of games in different genres. So there is something for everyone. The casual games on the platforms are best played in a multiplayer setup and allow gamers and non-gamers alike to have fun in front of the TV together. The complete game library can be accessed by purchasing the AirConsole Hero premium subscription. All Thai users can purchase the subscription via the AirConsole app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

AirConsole information

AirConsole is a fast-growing start-up based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded by ex-Googler and serial entrepreneur Andrin von Rechenberg, the company quickly rose to fame by overcoming the previously unsolved challenge of latency when playing games using smartphones as controllers. More than 7,000 developers worldwide have co-developed over 190 games that have been published on AirConsole and which in turn have been consumed by more than 9 million players from 190+ countries. To date, the AirConsole team has raised $ 7.4 million.

Immediately accessible at

Information about the True Digital Group

The True Digital Group is one of the core businesses of True Group, Thailand's fully integrated telecommunications and digital service provider. The company aims to become the ultimate digital enabler in Southeast Asia. The True Digital Group is continuously expanding its ecosystem to offer customers a portfolio of high-quality digital services. The most important business areas of the True Digital Group include Digital Media, O2O and Privilege, Data Analytics, IoT and Digital Solutions as well as the True Digital Academy. 

The True Digital Group has extensive expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics. This enables the True Digital Group to Build a unique ecosystem of digital platforms and solutions that addresses the digital needs of consumers, retailers, and businesses. The True Digital Group has expanded its regional operations to all of Southeast Asia, with Indonesia and the Philippines being the first two markets. For more information, see 

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Shanghai Electric publishes its 2020 corporate social responsibility report

Shanghai Electric (SEHK: 02727, SSE: 601727), the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of power generation and industrial equipment, has released its 2020 Social Responsibility Report companies (“the report”). The report, Shanghai Electric's 12th CSR Report and 5th ESG Report, details data disclosed by Shanghai Electric's head office, internal institutions, branches, wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies.

The report demonstrates the group's commitment to corporate governance and product performance, with a focus on MSCI's environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) rating and the sustainability index of Hang Seng business. It highlights Shanghai Electric's outstanding performance to date in smart energy, smart manufacturing and smart cities, as well as its ability to transform several major areas of its business using innovative smart technologies. The report also describes the main efforts of Shanghai Electric in the fight against COVID-19.

“The year 2020 presented a complex landscape for development, especially given the significant impact of the pandemic. Faced with this difficult context, Shanghai Electric has remained faithful to its mission, which is to promote green, intelligent, interconnected and comprehensive solutions. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical equipment, we continue to seek new ways to meet our responsibilities to our shareholders, customers, partners, employees, the environment and the community within the meaning wide, ”said Zheng Jianhua, chairman of the board and CEO of Shanghai Electric Group.

Corporate governance: A comprehensive ESG governance system that integrates sustainability into Shanghai Electric's long-term strategic objectives

Shanghai Electric has set up a special ESG governance structure to ensure that sustainable development is integrated into the group's strategic plan. The organization chart consists of the board of directors, the ESG management committee comprising an ESG expert committee, and an ESG working group comprising the board of directors and three sub-groups.

Product development: combining intelligence and innovation

S'appuyant sur ses avantages dans le secteur de la fabrication d'équipements, Shanghai Electric s'est efforcée de construire un « écosystème du triangle industriel » composé d'équipements intelligents, de l'internet industriel et de chaînes d'approvisionnement intelligentes. En interne, l'entreprise a tiré parti de la transformation numérique pour soutenir le développement de la fabrication intelligente, de l'énergie intelligente et du transport intelligent ; tandis que ses programmes d'autonomisation externe soutiennent le développement d'une ville intelligente complète et multidimensionnelle.

On the innovation front, Shanghai Electric has focused on high-tech industrialization and strategic emerging industries. The company has continued to support technological research and product development in key areas, and has actively explored and cultivated new industries and technologies. During the reporting period, Shanghai Electric spent 4.75 billion RMB on R&D, representing an increase of 8.55% over the previous year and 3.47% of total annual operating income .

Environmental responsibility: conserving energy, improving efficiency and reducing emissions

Over the years, Shanghai Electric has adhered to its belief that preserving the environment is essential to sustainable development, and the company has integrated environmental factors into every link in its industrial chain. The report shows that Shanghai Electric is continually exploring green operating models for green management, energy conservation, improved efficiency and reduced emissions.

The company has actively promoted the development of high efficiency energy saving projects, including: Shanghai Electric's Golmud Meiman Minhang 32MW / 64MWh energy storage power plant; the world's first 1000MW ultra-supercritical steam turbine, which saves over 200,000 tonnes of standard coal every year; and units 5 and 6 (2 × 1240MW) of phase II of the Huaxia Yangxi power plant project in Guangdong , whose heat consumption of unit 5 has already been reduced by 1.65% under working conditions difficult.

Shanghai Electric has also completed the application and completed the registration of pollutant discharge permits for 107 companies, leveraged these permits to improve compliance, and partnered with government agencies to implement audits for a green production for six companies. In 2020, the group carried out an in-depth emissions survey at 86 production companies, six industrial sites and five plots, from which a number of improvement opportunities and guidelines were offered.

Social responsibility: providing assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic, a number of critical cases have surfaced, both outside and inside Shanghai Electric, reinforcing the company's resolve to play its role in the fight against COVID- 19.

In Pakistan , where Shanghai Electric recently completed its Thar Coal Block-1 2x660MW power plant project, the Thar Coal Block-1 power generation company donated supplies to the Pakistani military on behalf of the Group. The company also donated Rs 6million to the project site and sent additional staff to Pakistan to speed up progress.

Shanghai Electric also spontaneously mobilized members of its party and its organs to donate 8.8 million RMB to support the fight against the pandemic. In addition, the company has shipped more than 300 mask machines across the country, accelerated the development of automated mask production lines - of which more than 621 have been shipped nationwide - and donated more than 100 000 masks and personal protective equipment for foreign partners.

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Global Elevator and Escalator Market in India to grow by USD 522.84 Million | 17000+ Technavio Research Reports

The elevator and escalator market in India is poised to grow by USD 522.84 million during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of almost 9% during the forecast period.

Elevator and Escalator Market in India by Product and End-user - Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025
Here is an Exclusive report talking about Market scenarios and Customer Behaviour.
Download FREE Sample Report

The report on the elevator and escalator market in India provides a holistic update, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis.

The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current global market scenario and the overall market environment. The market is driven by factors such as the growing number of high-speed metro projects, rising disposable income, and economic growth, and the growing number of office spaces and commercial establishments.

The elevator and escalator market in India analysis includes the product, end-user, and geography landscape. This study identifies the growing number of office spaces and commercial establishments as one of the prime reasons driving the elevator and escalator market in India growth during the next few years.

This report presents a detailed picture of the market by the way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources by an analysis of key parameters.

The elevator and escalator market in India covers the following areas:

Elevator And Escalator Market in India Sizing
Elevator And Escalator Market in India Forecast
Elevator And Escalator Market in India Analysis
Companies Mentioned

ESCON Elevators Pvt Ltd.
Fujitec Co. Ltd.
Hitachi Ltd.
Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd.
KONE Corp.
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Otis Worldwide Corp.
Schindler Holding Ltd.
thyssenkrupp AG
Toshiba Corp.


Related Reports on Industrials Include:

Global Air Compressors Market- The air compressors market is segmented by product (stationary air compressor and portable air compressor) and geography (APAC, North America, Europe, South America, and MEA).
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Global Advanced HVAC Controls Market- The advanced HVAC controls market is segmented by product (sensors, field devices, and level controllers), end-user (commercial and residential), and geography (APAC, North America, Europe, MEA, and South America).
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Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

Market Landscape

Market ecosystem
Value chain analysis
Market Sizing

Market definition
Market segment analysis
Market size 2020
Market outlook: Forecast for 2020 - 2025
Five Forces Analysis

Five forces summary
Bargaining power of buyers
Bargaining power of suppliers
Threat of new entrants
Threat of substitutes
Threat of rivalry
Market condition
Market Segmentation by Product

Market segments
Comparison by Product
Elevator - Market size and forecast 2020-2025
Escalator - Market size and forecast 2020-2025
Market opportunity by Product
Market Segmentation by End-user

Market segments
Comparison by End-user
Residential - Market size and forecast 2020-2025
Non-residential - Market size and forecast 2020-2025
Market opportunity by End-user
Customer Landscape

Market drivers
Market challenges
Market trends
Vendor Landscape

Vendor landscape
Landscape disruption
Vendor Analysis

Vendors covered
Market positioning of vendors
ESCON Elevators Pvt Ltd.
Fujitec Co. Ltd.
Hitachi Ltd.
Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd.
KONE Corp.
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Otis Worldwide Corp.
Schindler Holding Ltd.
thyssenkrupp AG
Toshiba Corp.

Scope of the report
Currency conversion rates for US$
Research methodology
List of abbreviations
About Us
Technavio is a leading global technology research and advisory company. Their research and analysis focuses on emerging market trends and provides actionable insights to help businesses identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. With over 500 specialized analysts, Technavio's report library consists of more than 17,000 reports and counting, covering 800 technologies, spanning across 50 countries. Their client base consists of enterprises of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. This growing client base relies on Technavio's comprehensive coverage, extensive research, and actionable market insights to identify opportunities in existing and potential markets and assess their competitive positions within changing market scenarios.

Technavio Research
Jesse Maida
Media & Marketing Executive
US: +1 844 364 1100
UK: +44 203 893 3200
Report Page: 
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Leading AC manufacturer Gree named big winner of 2021 "Global Cooling" award

 Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai (Gree) (000651.SZ), the world's leading manufacturer of air conditioners and appliances, has been named the winner of the award 2021 Global Cooling for its innovative "zero carbon source" cooling technology.

Leading AC manufacturer Gree named big winner of 2021 "Global Cooling" award (PRNewsfoto / Gree Electric Appliances, Inc)
"Gree is a global diversified technology industrial group that has expanded its business into household consumer goods and industrial equipment and insists on continuous innovation and R&D to improve people's lives. winner of the Global Cooling award, will reduce the impact of carbon emissions from existing air conditioners by 80%, "said Ms. Dong Mingzhu, CEO and President of Gree Electric Appliances.

The Global Cooling award was launched jointly in 2018 by the Rocky Mountain Institute, Government of India and Mission Innovation, which is committed to developing innovative refrigeration technologies that have a five times (5X) less impact on climate than air conditioning units standards currently available on the market (including indirect carbon emissions generated by electricity from the grid and direct carbon emissions corresponding to the greenhouse effect of soft drinks), aiming to solve the climate threat caused by the increasing demands of residential air conditioners. 

Gree's innovative "zero carbon source" cooling technology integrates advanced vapor compression cooling, direct-acting evaporative photovoltaic cooling, ventilation and more, efficiently using renewable energy sources and free cooling sources.

The climate impact of Gree's new project with "zero carbon source" cooling technology is less than the impact caused by one fifth of conventional air conditioners. Through innovation and intelligent design, Gree's climate-compatible technology is a major breakthrough in the energy efficiency limitations of conventional air conditioners.

With rapid population growth and accelerated urbanization, it is estimated that by 2050, global demand for air conditioners will increase from 1.2 billion units in 2016 to 4.5 billion units. When environmentally friendly cooling solutions are effectively promoted and applied, 100 billion tonnes of equivalent carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided, helping the world to mitigate more than 0.5 ° C from global warming by 2100, and at the same time, improve the quality of life for people living in hot and humid climates. 

About Gree

Founded in 1991, Gree is a diversified global industrial group that has expanded its business into household consumer goods and industrial equipment under three brands: GREE, KINGHOME and TOSOT.

For more information, visit: .

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SOURCE Gree Electric Appliances, Inc

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SOURCE Gree Electric Appliances, Inc

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TrueID TV Is Partnering With AirConsole To Offer Unique Gaming Experiences For TrueID TV Users

AirConsole expands its footprint in the APAC zone with a new partnership in Thailand. AirConsole have partnered with the leader in integrated digital services, True Digital Group, the digital arm of Thailand's fully-integrated digital telecommunications service provider, True Corporation Public Company Limited,. where AirConsole would become their casual gaming solution for their Android TV ecosystem.

True Digital partnering with AirConsole to offer unique gaming experiences for TrueID TV users

"Thailand is an important market for AirConsole in the APAC region, thus we are glad to partner up with an innovative player like True Digital Group," says Anthony Cliquot, COO and Head of Strategic Partnership Development at AirConsole. "It is yet another Android TV partnership with a leading telecom operator in this region that will help us raise more product awareness and grow our footprint." AirConsole has also recently announced many exciting partnerships with big players, from big telecom operators to hardware manufacturers, giving them instant access to millions of living rooms worldwide. This, along with the Covid lockdowns, has created a significant spike in their global footprint.

"AirConsole is a great fit innovation for our market and can bring value to our TrueID TV users with an accessible source of gaming entertainment by turning their smartphone into game controllers to play AirConsole games on the TrueID TV," says Marco Guida, Chief Revenue Officer of True Digital Group. True Digital believes that gaming is changing the way people socialise nowadays, and by adding AirConsole to their list of available gaming services, they address a growing need from their TrueID TV users to play games on the TV without gamepads and, without a TV remote control, on a console fully translated in Thai. True Digital will become the first digital service provider in Thailand that enables a digital lifestyle in experiencing hardware-free games on TVs. This innovation is enabled by the AirConsole gaming system that transforms its users' smartphones into gamepads.

AirConsole, the Netflix-like gaming platform, includes a large variety of games across various genres to ensure that there is something for everyone. The casual games on the platforms are best played in a multiplayer set up, and allow gamers and non gamers alike to spend a good time together on the TV. The complete library of games can be accessed by purchasing their premium subscription, AirConsole Hero. All Thai users will be able to subscribe to AirConsole using their app store purchase from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About AirConsole

AirConsole is a fast growing Start-Up based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded by Ex-Googler and serial entrepreneur Andrin von Rechenberg, the company quickly rose to fame by overcoming the previously unsolved challenge of latency when playing games using smartphones as controllers. More than 7,000 developers globally have co-created over 190+ games that have been published on AirConsole, which in return have been consumed by more than 9 million players from 190+ countries. To date, AirConsole's team has raised 7.4 million USD.

Instantly accessible on

About True Digital Group

True Digital Group is one of the core businesses of True Group, Thailand's fully-integrated telecommunications, and digital service providers. Aiming to become the ultimate digital enabler in Southeast Asia, True Digital Group continuously expands its ecosystem to deliver a portfolio of high-quality digital services to customers. True Digital Group's key businesses include Digital Media, O2O and Privilege, Data Analytics, IoT and Digital Solutions, as well as True Digital Academy. True Digital Group has built deep competences in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics. With this, True Digital Group is able to build a unique ecosystem of digital platforms and solutions, addressing the digital needs of consumers, merchants, and enterprises. True Digital Group also launched its regional operations across Southeast Asia, with Indonesia and the Philippines as its first two markets. For more information, please visit

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