Thursday, 15 October 2020

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Remove Security Roadblocks & Release Code Faster
Our DevOps-Native Application Security Platform empowers developers to write secure code faster, eliminate false alerts, and remove security scans that delay release cycles—all integrated into the tools already in use. Get your free account today.

* This article was originally published here Press Release Distribution


Remove Security Roadblocks & Release Code Faster
Our DevOps-Native Application Security Platform empowers developers to write secure code faster, eliminate false alerts, and remove security scans that delay release cycles—all integrated into the tools already in use. Get your free account today.

* This article was originally published here Press Release Distribution

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Hire Experienced Web Designing Service

  A well-designed website that is built using the best practices will work for you 24/7 to attract visitors and turn those visitors into customers. The good news is that you have a few choices when it comes to having a website designed for your local business:

1. You can do it yourself (DIY) by learning to code or use a Website Builder

2. You can hire a professional web designer

Learning how to build a website from scratch will be time-consuming and hiring a web designer can require a larger budget than planned, which is why the free and low-cost website builder services like Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace have become all the rage these days. You can't visit a website, listen to a podcast, or watch a video online without seeing or hearing ads talking about how you can create a beautiful, fully functional web designing company in Delhi in as little as a few hours. With no coding or design experience.

Wow. That sounds amazing, but is it really what you're looking for?

For local businesses, a web builder can seem like the best option. However, it's important to understand the pros and cons of using one of these tools and whether it will really serve your business goals in the long run.

Website Builder vs Website Designer

If you don't plan to teach yourself how to build a website from scratch then you are left with: website builder vs. website designer. As convenient as web builders may claim to be, below are a few reasons why, at the end of the day, we recommend you at least consider investing in professional web design services rather than just settling for a DIY website builder. After all, you are running a business so you are going to need a website that sells customers.

The Pros & Cons of a Website Builder

DIY website builders have become so popular recently.

The main attraction to them is that users can quickly choose a template, upload their content, and have a website online in a matter of hours, at little to no cost.

These website builders use "drag and drop" and "WYSIWYG" (stands for "What You See Is What You Get") tools to make it easy for anyone to format and edit webpages. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can use these web design in Mumbai, which is much better than having to learn HTML and CSS to build a website yourself.

With web builders, their paint-by-number templates make it very simple for you to upload content, like text and images, and place where you want it on the page. As long as you stay within the lines of the template and properly size your images to fit the space, then you should be in good shape.

Speed Does NOT Equal Results
While getting a website online as fast as possible might be convenient in the short term, it does not mean you're going to see results quickly. As you can imagine, there is more to web design than just uploading a few pictures and pasting some text into a template.

Many business owners enjoy the DIY website builder process but are disappointed when they don't see new customers coming into their office saying they found you online. After many hours or weeks of website editing, many business owners find out the hard way that not all websites are created equal.

The most beautiful website in the world can't generate new customers if it can't be found by the people looking for it or if it doesn't provide a great user experience. Here are just a few of the very important web design company in Gurgaon and search engine optimization (SEO) elements that website builders can't do for you:

  • Monitor and fix user and mobile experience issues
  • Create lead generation strategies
  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Title optimization
  • Local schema
  • Image optimization
  • Meta description optimization
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager integration
  • Sitemap creation
  • Submit the website to the major search engines
  • And more...

Why Hire a Web Designer? (Besides Professional Design, of Course)
When hiring a professional web designer, you should expect the overall quality of your website to be higher.

A great website designer will take the time to understand your business, not just the niche you are in but also what is unique about YOUR business, and then design and build a website that's customized to you. This is very different than having to stuff your business into a predesigned and predetermined box. Also, if you've ever tried to use Photoshop or design any type of images for a website, you know how hard and time consuming it can be. web design service Great images and designs will take your business to the next level and immediately create a higher level of trust with your potential customers.

Professional web design will make your business look unique and professional, helping it stand out from the crowd while still being functional and user friendly.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Free web builders may offer speed and convenience, but they can't offer unique designs to specifically fit and market your business. They also can't work with you one-on-one to create lead generation opportunities and other digital strategies, like SEO, to drive more traffic to your website.

Let's assume for a minute that you built a nice looking website using a web builder service. That's great news, but it doesn't mean anything if Google doesn't know your website exists or doesn't have enough faith in it to show your business off to its users. For example, let's say you run a small business called "Dave's Martial Arts" in Chicago. Your self-built website will likely come up in search results for "Dave's Martial Arts," but how likely is it that someone would search for that exact term? They are more likely to search "martial arts Chicago" or something similar if they're not quite sure what they're looking for. The people that you want to find your website probably won't be able to unless they already know who you are.

That is not a great way to generate new business online.

When building your website you're going to need to account for people who find products and services based on location. As more and more searches go mobile, search engines are using your location to deliver geo-targeted results. "Dave's Martial Arts" could be a few blocks from where a potential customer is searching, but if the SEO is not set up correctly on the website, and information like name, address, and phone number (NAP) are not easily found, the potential customer may never find you through an online search.

One of the many benefits of hiring a professional web designer is that they should understand how to maximize local SEO so your business comes up in a variety of Google searches. You will still need to work on your local listings and citations but having great on-site SEO is a huge head start.

Tips for Hiring a Web Designer

If you'd like your business to look professional, get found online easily, and start generating business for you from day one, then we recommend talking with some professional web designers. Start by doing a Google search for "Web Design in [your city, state]" (replace [your city, state] with the city and state you live in).

Most web designers will charge a one-time cost to custom design and build your website. You can expect the cost to be a minimum of $2,000.00 and can go up to $10,000.00 or more, depending on your specific business needs and the type of web designer you contacted. Keep in mind that large advertising agencies will always cost more than local boutique agencies. web design company in goa These prices will not include any ongoing SEO or the domain name ( and web hosting (where your website will be stored), which you'll most likely be responsible for supplying (don't worry if you don't know how to get those, the web designer should be able to help you through the process).

That is the traditional option but if that doesn't sound right for you then search around for other solutions. There are other web design service options and models available.

Regardless of which path you choose, remember that it is 2017 and your customers are looking online for the solutions to the problems that your business can fix. If they can't find you online then you are missing out on real customers and real opportunities. You need to start investing in your business's online presence.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

How to Make a Successful Website Design

If you need to build a website for personal or business purposes, the ultimate goal is to make a presentable and appealing website to any visitor that might enter. It is very important that you make your look neat and fresh. You can also add some digital media to keep your visitors entertained and staying longer on your website. The aim of your website is to inform your visitors and customers and your website design should be able to catch their interest immediately.

Before thinking of website design, you will need to know what your goals are first. Your design will depend on what goals you aim to achieve. It is best that you list down all the ideas you have for your Web Designing Company In Delhi like specific color combinations, layout, and specific elements that you would like. After brainstorming for your ideas, it is now time to think about how to incorporate all your design ideas into your goal. And in the succeeding planning process, you should never keep your eye off on the goal of the website.

You will need to consider what your budget is in making your website. 

Some domains are offered for free while some will ask for certain fees. You will also need to think about how much you are willing to spend in hiring a website designer to do the Web Design Company In Gurgaon. You will need to decide if you want to heavily invest on your website or not. If this is a business website and you will be earning from it, consider spending more since this is an investment. On the other hand, if it's just for personal use, you can just use simple HTML or website templates and do it yourself.

Now, if you want to hire a website designer, make sure that his talent fee will fit your budget. It will be helpful to find several of them and compare their rates. You must know that their rates will also depend on the Web Designing Company In Chandigarh you are asking them to make. Of course, the more complicated the layout and design, the higher the fee they will ask of you. You should also ask for sample works of the website designer, this will give you an idea if the designer can be able to achieve the overall look you want.

While your website designer is busy making your design, you will also need to do your part. Think of what you need to put inside the website. The overall content of the website should come from you. It is very important that you think long and hard about what you will be putting on your Web Design Company In Chennai. Some visitors hate reading too much stuff while some will find the website lacking with information if you put in too little.

You shall always ask for updates and drafts for your web design. This way, if you need to make corrections, you can make it immediately. Once the final layout is made, you should be very satisfied with the design, or else, you should re-do it. Remember that your website is your only way to reach millions of visitors online, so you need to make sure your 
Web Design In Mumbai is informational and has a very pleasing and attractive layout.

We specialize in interactive media marketing, comprising of Web Design Company, blog design, graphic design, etc. A solution to your India Web Design needs.

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Dublin, Ireland, September 28, 2020Ryco Marketing held an ecommerce event for its customers and business associates, at the company’s headquarters in Dublin, to discuss the potential for clients to capitalise on a growing trend for mobile sales.  This development offers significant opportunities for businesses to tap into the increasing tendency for customers to shop online using mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Participants at the event, held via video conference, included a select group of customers, channel partners, senior company executives and team members. Keynote speaker Glenn Ryan Director at Ryco, shared the company’s findings on current sales trends with invitees. According to publicly-available and anonymised data from company sources, there’s a clear and increasing trend among consumers to go online first when shopping for goods and services.  

While these trends might differ from one industry to another, a cross-sector national survey[i] conducted by Banking & Payment Federation Ireland (BPFI) indicated that “Consumers are more likely to continue shopping online...”  for a broad range of goods and services even after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.  

Glenn Ryan stressed the value that online, and especially mobile, sales is poised to play in the coming months. The scaling down of in-store customer visits, driven largely by COVID-19 related fears, is likely to persist into the foreseeable future. This offers a unique opportunity for bricks-and-mortar storefront owners to position themselves to benefit from incremental mobile sales:


“Your loyal customers don’t feel safe stepping into stores or visiting shops. And if they can’t find you online, they’ll likely switch to a competitor with an online presence. Having an inviting, user-friendly online storefront positions retailers to snap up those marginal customers.”


Ryco’s Director, Damien Ryan, also gave a presentation at the event. Damien Ryan drew attention to changing shopping habits, such as contact-less payment and cash-less purchasing, that will entrench themselves over time. These changing trends also have the potential to significantly disrupt existing brick-and-mortar supply chains, which can have a deleterious effect on a retailers’ revenue.


Retailers that aren’t equipped to deal with these impending trend changes will find themselves largely ignored by customers, suppliers and business partners who prefer to work remotely and digitally with their associates. Having an online storefront, supported by a technically sound platform like Magento, helps bridge these gaps.


The event featured demonstrations, provided by both Glenn Ryan and Damien Ryan, of the various Magento mobile websites, storefronts and other digital marketing solutions that the company has designed, developed and launched for clients from a cross-section of industries.


At the conclusion of the event, Glenn Ryan stressed the need for retailers, both online and bricks-and-mortar shops, to start putting their mobile sales strategies in place now, ahead of the upcoming Holiday Shopping season:


“If you are an existing Magento 2.x user, make sure you upgrade your platforms to the latest release. And, with scammers and hackers most active during busy seasons, now’s the time to apply all the latest Magento security patches and updates. And if you don’t have an online storefront, then start planning now for going live before the holidays”


Glenn Ryan and Damien Ryan invited participants, as well as interested retailers, business owners and prospective channel partners, to reach out to the Ryco Marketing team to start working on potential mobile sales strategies at the earliest.

* This article was originally published here Press Release Distribution

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Web Design Company is Important For Any Company?

 Having your own business is good. But, with time, the business needs to be expanded by attracting more and more customers. In this digital age, one must be very careful about the methods as competition is growing. To maintain the pace, it is essential for every company to have its own Web Designing Company In Delhi. Through the website, potential customers can see your description of products and services.

It is also equally essential to maintain the website as well. There are many such companies like the 
Web Design Company In Gurgaon which can offer to help you with your website related issues. It is always preferable to select a good company for making and maintaining the website.

  • Cost- cost must be considered carefully and meticulously. The amount to be spent on the website must be worth the service. High rates must be avoided as it creates a stress n the financial health of the business.
  • Work experience- to know more about the web designing company, it is always best to check the portfolio of the company. This will reveal the time for which the company has been operating in the market and its service quality with its previous customers.
  • Expert team- the company must have expertise in their job. For that, a team of expert professionals Web Design In Mumbai is needed. The work of the team must be evaluated.
  • Timing- while choosing a web designing company, one must ensure that the projects are delivered timely. Punctuality is also a good quality of good companies. Punctuality ensures that no deadlines are missed and the business runs smoothly.
  • Customer care- good companies always take into consideration their customers' needs. They will keep in mind your priorities but also do their work in an expert way so as to attract more clients. Also, they will provide assistance with any website-related issues and solve your queries.

A website reflects the services and products of the company. So, a good website is very important to run a smooth business. Hence, a proper company must be chosen for making the website. Only then, a business or Web Design Company can make marketing and promotion easier

I hope you got suffiecient knowledge about choosing a Web Designing Company In Chandigarh. As it is important to have the best and understandable digital media partner for every business's growth.

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Monday, 5 October 2020

Web Design Company For eCommerce

 Why choose a web designing Company

To take a business on high, it's vital to possess a clean and professional website. To succeed on a web platform, each company should have a website. people became active on the net and pay most of their time on computers and mobile. 

With good website development, it becomes simple to catch potential clients and drive important traffic to the website. a website shows the character of your business besides the services offered by any company. With the assistance of a website, it becomes simple for the purchasers to know a business. For a fruitful online presence and website style, a business will get the services of a Web Designing Company In Delhi to make a knowledgeable and enticing site. Mars web is the best web design company in Bangalore.

What sorts of services are offered for an internet design?

  • The latest custom web site designs are offered

Many firms provide the most recent website styles to spice up a business. beautiful website styles are created for the purchasers to create additional enticing. Design, content, pictures, and graphics, everything may be a job for Web Design Company In Gurgaon. custom website designs are created with extra options in step with the requirements of the purchasers.

  • SEO friendly websites

For the aim of web selling, it's become a trend to develop SEO friendly designs. The styles are created with intercalary options of SEO and compatible with different browsers.

  • can create a brand new design for your recent web site

If you wish one thing new for your website, it's the proper time to vary the recent style and check out new and custom-built styles for your web site. The services are offered in step with the recent technology standards.

  • Websites for different businesses

They are designed in step with the character of the business. Mobile-friendly websites are created for E-commerce businesses. Web Design In Mumba and development firms provide reliable and solutions for the various demands of the purchasers.

  • Hosting services for a website

Many firms offer hosting services to manage the website on one server by the third party. These services are provided to stay the web site updated and visual for the purchasers. acceptable plans are offered for web site hosting services.

  • website maintenance services

Apart from its development, maintenance services are offered on it. the net style firms keep change new options on it to create it visible. Web Design Company Support and guidance are offered to manage it by the business homeowners. All these connected problems are managed by professionals.

There are lots of services offered by an affordable web design company. to get the primary category services for the web site, you'll contact fashionable web designing firms and rent them for change or making a brand new web site with recent content and graphics. a web site offers strength to business and an opportunity to attach with the purchasers through a web platform. These firms offer services at terribly cheap costs. The web site's styles are created by the professionals having inventive ideas and technical skills in developing an easy website. rent knowledgeable Web Designing Company In Chandigarh nowadays for web site development

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Sunday, 4 October 2020

New Style of Remote Lesson, Experience-based Event “Pinch to Move! Three-dimensional Vision in Air” in Action

AICHI, Japan, Sept. 19, 2020   
What can we expect beyond online lesson? This event presents new style of remote tuition, eye-opening next generation experience-based lesson utilizing participant’s “body movement” which wouldn’t be possible for online lesson. The lesson employs mixed reality (MR) technology.

The contents of the lesson is “Let’s see invisible magnetic field.” Feel Physics sends lesson material to a high school in advance and conducts the lesson from its office located in another prefecture using Zoom. 15 high school students participate in the lesson and experience controlling a magnet by fingers and observing changing magnetic field with walking around with MR goggles. The company’s teacher gives educational guidance with monitoring students’ view displayed on MR headset through Zoom.

Voices  of participating students

“I was excited wearing the MR headset and really enjoyed the lesson as even I was able to learn.” (1st grade student)
“Although invisible magnetic field is hard to understand, the lesson visualized it clearly to bring better understanding.” (2nd grade student)
“It’s intuitive and fun lesson as it was new experience to control virtual object in space.” (1st grade student)
“I was happy to experience things that we have talked as fantastic story.”(1st grade student)

Voice of the high school teacher

“Upon receipt of the equipment, students of STEM club (science, IT) started to play with it avidly. To my surprise, even students not joining any club activities came in.  I rarely had to support them. A device making us feel future like the MR headset may have power to ignite students’ hearts. I would like to have more students experience this lesson.” (Teacher with the high school for 7 years)

Please be free to contact us for further information of “future learning demolesson ” at our official website to explore and experience the cutting-edge MR technology.

* This article was originally published here Press Release Distribution

Saturday, 3 October 2020

How to Hire a Professional Website Designer

 If you're looking to take your business to the next step, a professionally designed website offers you that distinct edge over your competitors. A top-notch website draws potential customers in-and keeps them there. Even though the rise of social media has utterly transformed the marketing landscape, Facebook and Twitter can't compensate for the lack of a quality website. Your website is the face of your business-the first impression potential customers gather about your company. A poorly designed website conveys low-quality products or services, so don't cut corners by designing a website yourself if you don't have the skills. Hiring a professional website designer to boost your company's image (and bottom line) is a smart investment.

When choosing a professional website designer, take the following into consideration:

Hiring Someone Local

There are plenty of start-up web design companies around the world from which to choose, but hiring a local designer offers several advantages.

First, local web designers offer you a quicker response. Don't underestimate the possibility of communication breakdown across time zones. Good local designers offer dependable, quick responses to a client's questions. Prompt communication is extremely key to the creation of a great website.

And because they are in the area, local designers can forge relationships with their clients beyond emailing and phone calls. This builds a level of trust between designer and client that can't easily be replicated by a designer and client thousands of miles apart. web designing company in Delhi A local designer is more likely to care about the success of a client's business and will offer better website support to further a client's progress.

Local designers must hold themselves accountable to clients in order to stay in business. It's easy to find out if a local designer is credible; less so for an overseas designer.

Finally, designers have more control over your site because they know Boise. They know Idaho. They'll be much more effective at designing a website with local demographics and your client base in mind than a designer out of state or overseas will.

Check the Designer's Portfolio

You don't need to randomly choose a website designer when all good designers have their best work on display.

Make sure that they have a web portfolio. Not having one is cause for alarm-either a designer has little experience or doesn't wish to show off the work he or she has done.

Look through each of the designs and note the designer's range, preferences, and versatility. This way you can picture how your business might be portrayed on a web page.

Visit the websites-looks aren't everything when it comes to web design. Get a feel for the interface and how the web pages flow from one to the other. These are vital to user experience-customers that can't figure out how to navigate a web page will quickly give up before reaching the intended page.

Call the businesses and ask how business is going since the website went live. They'll tell you if they're satisfied with the return on their investment based on the metrics of the website's performance.

What framework does a designer use for websites?

There are a number of different frameworks that designers implement-learn which will best fit your needs.

Do they use a content management system (CMS)? A CMS allows publishing, editing, and modifying content through a central administrative tool. This facilitates collaboration and improves communication between users, allows data sharing and storage, and simplifies report writing.

Can users manage the page without understanding the code? This allows clients to participate in the development and management of the website and helps them shape their vision for their business. web design in Kerala  As long as the CMS isn't too technically difficult to understand, clients gain satisfaction from playing a role in the design of their website.

Does the designer provide training? Web design and code are hardly intuitive to the lay person, but a good designer will introduce a client to the basics of CMS so the he or she can independently manage their website.

What's included?

Website design isn't just about writing code-a good designer will include a range of services beyond technical skill.

Do they include content writing? While clients know what their business is about, they might not know how best to package their ideas into a web-friendly format. This is where content writers come in. Good copy in any medium can make or break a business, so providing a good content writer can save a client a lot of work.

Is hosting available? A web hosting service is what allows a business to make its website accessible on the Internet. Web hosts provide data space and connectivity to a varying degree. If a web designer provides hosting to clients as an option, this can save clients from the unforeseen costs of using a random host with little data space and low connectivity, which both acutely affect user experience.

Do they provide SEO? Search engine optimization is the secret to drawing more web design company in Gurgaon traffic. SEO terms maximize a website's hits by targeting specific keywords and search terms. A good web designer with an understanding of SEO will provide this service to clients, who may not understand SEO.

Where do the images come from? Any designer should follow copyright regulations on photos and images by using free public images or purchasing good stock photography. Resources like Google Images, Microsoft Office Image Gallery and copying another website's images are just such cases of copyright infringement. Designers that take legal shortcuts and use trademarked images can create a litany of trouble for a business including fines of over $500,000.

Additional services

Can they make mobile websites? With more and more people using smart phones to check the internet, the ability to create mobile websites can vastly broaden a company's website reach. Many web designers don't even know where to start with making a mobile-compatible version of a website. This can seriously limit your businesses growth over time as more and more people step away from their computer and use their smartphone and table devices to perform searches online for businesses and websites. A good web designing company in Chandigarh will be able to make your website fit a mobile device's smaller screen and offer relevant mobile options such as click-to-call ability, coupons, and locations map. A mobile-compatible website design alone can separate you from your competition and give you the ability to dominate an entire marketing platform in your industry.

Website scalability-can it grow cost-effectively? As a business grows, the website may need to be enlarged in order to accommodate growth. Scalability is the ability of a system to increase in order to meet the needs of the business. A good designer will be able to implement a plan for website growth.

The next step for you

A good website designer stays on top of current techniques and methods of online marketing. Their job is to provide you with a platform for the long-term growth of your web design company in Gwalior. Investing now in a professional web designer will not only save you money in the long run but also give you the ability to start increasing your profits immediately. The return-on-investment for hiring a great website designer is one of the highest in marketing available today.

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